Nehemiah Neighborhoods

Nehemiah Neighborhoods is an outreach that exists to help improve impoverished neighborhoods through a holistic approach. We do this through direct involvement of our own staff and resources and also by fostering partnerships and collaborations with outside parties to increase the available resources and support for the local community we are serving. Our holistic approach realizes the necessity of working to address the whole person and the whole community (the neighbor and the neighborhood). One important aspect of our holistic approach is to find solutions that address improving the material, educational and spiritual components of a healthy community. Another important aspect of our approach is implementing all of these so that local peoples get involved in the process of restoring their neighbors and neighborhoods.


Our holistic method for restoring impoverished communities is taken from the writings of Nehemiah. The holistic approach recorded in this book has been used and its results have been verified by countless communities throughout the ages. We are therefore committed to holistically minister to the communities we partner with and our name 'Nehemiah Neighborhoods' is a testimony and reminder of that commitment.


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